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Head in the Clouds… May 27, 2011

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Have you heard about The Cloud yet?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let us explain. Cloud Computing according to Wikipedia’s definition “refers to the on-demand provision of computational resources (data, software) in a computer network, rather than from a local computer. Users or clients can submit as task…without actually possessing the software or hardware.”

Have you guessed where we’re going with this?

Yep, we’re using The Cloud to improve the way we serve our customers. We’ve equipped all of our technicians with smart phones and signed up for Highrise’s fantastic online CRM software. Now, every time a technician does a job, he takes a few minutes to plug in a few details, such as the work order number, any special parts used, driving directions, a photo of the site…anything that might come in handy later on, and all of the information can instantly be viewed by our friendly office staff or other technicians.

This means that we always have a detailed service record at our fingertips, we are always totally prepared to complete your job and we don’t waste time phoning back to the shop for a missed part, or circling your block looking for a hidden driveway. In short, Cloud Computing saves you Big Money!

This is just one of the many ways Techlectric is embracing the latest technology to create the ultimate customer experience! Feel free to stop by our shop on 10th Avenue across from Buckerfield’s, or even start a conversation with us on Facebook if you would like to know more.



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